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Heather McKeithen-Owner/Founder

Shamanic Practitioner; Reiki Master; 200-RYT

I was born and raised in an active military family. Through my many life experiences I came to a point where I felt things did not seem to be “working” any longer. I was constantly feeling blue, groggy and physically unwell. Something had to change-and quickly! I found salvation in Shamanic Healing and was able to walk again with clarity and purpose and HAPINESS after several years of practice and TONS of inner-work. I was eventually taken as an apprentice for two years under the wise wings of Mara Bishop of WholeSpirit in Durham, NC where I graduated as a Shamanic Practitioner (Mara was an apprentice under both Micheal Harner and Sandra Ingerman. Talk about solid lineage!). I enjoyed every magical moment of my apprenticeship and am SO excited to share what I learned with this community.

In 2004 I stepped on to a yoga mat for the first time. In 2005 I tried my first hot yoga class at the current studio location I still enjoy attending when I am not teaching at Indigo. I received encouragement from my family and decided to take the plung and further my relationship with yoga by enrolling in a 200-RYT program led by the uncomparable knowledge of both Virginia Gallagher and Lisa Rischitelli through Hot Asana Yoga University. This was one of the most positive life changing experiences I’ve yet to encounter.

I live in Aberdeen NC with my husband, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a few chickens and I am LOVING. THIS. LIFE!!!!

I hope to share this journey with you!



Lauren Walker


While studying at SCC, Lauren was also in search of something more. She was searching for not only a career path but also something with depth and soul. She enrolled in a religion course that eventually struck her interest in Buddhism and Yoga. The next semester she was taking the yoga class offered at SCC and began practicing 3 times a week, from then on she was hooked! Since then she has incorporated yoga and it’s philosophy into her life on and off the mat. In 2019 Lauren took her 200hr Yoga teacher training with Virginia Gallagher and Lisa Rischitelli through Hot Asana Yoga University. She is trained to teach hot vinyasa style classes. Lauren is dedicated to the practice and has a strong desire to serve others. “ I was searching for God but He lead me to Yoga... I found myself within Yoga and within myself, I found God”


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Asa Stoltz started practicing Yoga around 2011, after finding that her old ways of exercising (running, working out, lifting weights) no longer gave her the inner peace, satisfaction and stress management it used to. A new world opened that combined her interest for meditation, healing, personal and spiritual growth with physical practice. 

Asa completed a 200 h Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 in order to not only be a facilitator of healing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist but as a Yoga Teacher as well. In addition, Asa became a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2019. Asa encourages embracing Yoga in a holistic way; mentally, emotionally and spiritually while being kind to Ourselves and Others. 



Jaqueline Rodriguez


I did my 200 hour teacher training at Global Breath in Durham, N.C . Yoga is the relationship built between the mind, body, and breath. Yoga is creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live. Yoga is freedom and release. I am here to guide you through a safe, fun practice. Helping connect the mind, body , and spirit so we comfortably and confidently move our bodies through life



Casey Buie

Certified Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

Casey Buie is a North Carolina native from Southern Pines. Casey has been practicing yoga for the past 8 years. Casey holds a degree in special education, adapted curriculum from Appalachian State University and is currently working towards a master's degree in special education. Casey is an Exceptional Children’s Teacher and is practicing applied behavior analysis. Casey is certified in children's yoga and mindfulness as well as trauma informed yoga. Casey has been collaborating with other children’s yoga teachers, teaching and assisting in Inclusive kids yoga classes and implementing it in classrooms for the past four years. Casey lives in West End, NC with her dog and husband.

You can contact her at iamcalmyogaforkids@gmail.com or on instagram @iamcalmyoga



Vanesa Cunningham 


Vanesa Cunningham is a Turkish-American yogi, born into a military family. Vanesa obtained her 200 hour certification in 2019. However, her love for yoga and fitness blossomed at an early age,  while living in Turkey. Vanesa was introduced to lifting weights, yoga, and running as a means of exercise, not only for the body, but for the mind and soul. 

Vanesa spent her childhood in Hawaii. Most of her days under the Kailua sun, snorkeling north shore, riding the waves of bellows beach, learning to swim through the pain of board rashes and man-of-war stings. Hawaii is where her love for living easy and simply just being formed. 

Vanesa’s teen years were spent in Maine. Her relationship with the 8 limbs of yoga truly took root during this time.  No longer able to bask in the year round sunlight, her asana practice became her escape from the long, cold winters. Now a mother to two and one on the way, Vanesa lives in Pinebluff, NC. Married to her best-friend and active duty military husband. 



Mark Hunsicker

Meditation & Yoga Instructor

In 2006, Mark completed an 840-hour training in Massage Therapy at the ASHA School of Massage in Atlanta, GA.  The program offered a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. After integrating this experience, he felt the urging to take it deeper and attend Yoga Teacher Training.

Recognizing Yoga's power to unleash hidden potential, soothe body, mind, and engage the spirit, Mark decided upon White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA.  Following completion, he returned and began offering his unique expression of this practice.  He teaches a non-dogmatic approach to Hatha Yoga, providing fundamentals for a safe and effective practice, with the possibility of a lifetime of enjoyment and well-being.

Currently, he is finishing up his 220-hour Kundalini Yoga Training at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.  

Mark enjoys taking his personal experience, life circumstances, and foundational knowledge and integrating it into every class he offers...consider joining one and seeing what it has to offer...



Ellen White


Ellen started practicing yoga ten years ago at her local studio in Indiana. Her yoga and meditation practice blossomed in 2017 as a way to cope with her third knee surgery and demanding work schedule. She discovered that her personal practice was the space where she felt truly grounded and connected to herself. This led her to complete the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. She then gravitated to Yin Yoga because of the inward focus and therapeutic benefits of the practice. Ellen believes in creating a welcoming and relaxed space for all ages, sexes, and body types no matter the student’s experience with yoga. Ellen and her husband are both active duty Army Service Members and love connecting with all military members, spouses, and veterans.